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Yiwu Yawoo Clothing Co., Ltd.
Custom manufacturer
Main categories: Baby Kids Clothing
Sample-based customizationMinor customizationFull customizationYears in industry(6)
Reviews (2)
4.8 /5
  • Supplier service
  • On-time shipment
  • Product quality
The quality of the merchandise was excellent. The unexpected delay in shipment for RTS items was fully explained because of out-of-stock items.
    Excellent customer service. The product is of good quality, and Yiwu Yawoo Clothing Co., Ltd. promptly resolved an issue and issued a quick refund for an item. I am eager to conduct more business in the future. Thank you.

      Response from supplier:

      Thanks so much . dear. whatever any issues, we will do with it ASAP. thank for your supports
      28 Mar 2024
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